I just returned from my last trip before the end of my program. I can’t believe that my time here in Europe is coming to an end but on to the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

Ilana and I arrived and made our way to her friend’s dorm. I had the hardest time trying to get a train ticket, but we finally made it. Since our flight was delayed, it basically got dark the minute we got there and there wasn’t anything to sight see. I instead took an hour train out to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a different Dutch city, to see Anna Clarke and her boyfriend Matt and it was so nice to see them!


They were too kind, paying for everything we did that night. We first went out for a couple of drinks with their adult friends then we stopped to get Oliebollen, these amazing fried dough balls covered in powdered sugar.


We got dinner at this place they called Jesus Bar because it was covered in Jesus statues and church memorabilia, but it’s really called De Keulse Kar. I also tried bitterballen, heaven in a ball. I NEED TO FIND IT IN CHICAGO.

I then met back up with Ilana and her friends to go out to this 90s themed club. It was basically in this old church looking place with stain-glass windows that had demons on them. Had I been sober, I’m sure it would have made me feel more uncomfortable.



Early the next day we had a reservation at the Anne Frank Museum. It was so moving, I could just feel all the history weighing down on me. It was almost unbelievable to walk through the space that Anne and her family lived for so long, to see the pictures she hung up on the walls, and walk the creaky wooden floors I’d read about in 7th grade. I wish that we were able to take pictures of the inside, but there were people all over telling us not to take them.


We wanted to go to this breakfast place called Piqniq but it was too full, so we ended up at another place I don’t know the name of. I got this delicious sandwich though…


As you have to know by now, I am obsessed with beautiful buildings lined up in a row. These were just a few that we passed while making our way to our next stop, the Van Gogh Museum! Oh, and of course, I had to take a canal picture!!


So you really aren’t supposed to take pictures here either, but everyone was so I got a couple of good ones!

After the guided tour of the museum, we did the very touristy thing of posing in front of the I Amsterdam sign.


It was actually really hard to get up on the “e” and I low key almost fell off it backward which would have been really bad. However, we did get these cute pictures and a really nice girl helped me get down afterward.


Millie (Ilana’s friend) took us to this coffee shop where we picked up a few things before going out again. I really wanted to see the Red Light District at night since Ilana saw it while I was visiting Anna. Everyone went off to eat some apple cake and I walked there on my own. I got pretty lost, and am not sure this was the place, but we did end up back there the next morning.

My last morning in Amsterdam, we made it to Piqniq (yummy food, must visit)

before walking around the Red Light District in the daytime. Since you’re not allowed to take pictures of the girls (honestly really impressed with the legal procedures available for them!!), this is the area around where they all are, also surrounded by a church and school.


That was all we had time for, now just for my last trip to Rome!

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