Ciao from Italia! 


The first stop on my five day trip in Italy began in Milan with a slice of pizza. My friend Caroline (also one of my blogging buddies, you should check out her blog here!) and I asked our hostel the best place to get a quick lunch before exploring all of Milan in our single day there. They led us to this pizzeria a couple blocks away where we both froze when they spoke to us in Italian because both of us couldn’t decide if we should speak Spanish, English or Greek.


Our hostel was the cutest place called Ostello Bello Grande, they had this beautiful terrace with hammocks, free breakfast and dinner, gave us free wristbands for a club (which I was planning on using but proceeded to pass out before I could even get dressed, then woke up confused as to what happened) and 24hr free food on the top floor!

editedIMG_5347        editedIMG_5319

After filling up on pizza we made our way to the Milan metro and took a train to seen The Last Supper. We originally thought we had to make reservations but that turned out to be very wrong and could just walk in. We also got really turned around trying to use a little paper map to find our way to church but when we finally made it, there was a nice couple from New York there that just got engaged and we got to talk to them about our time abroad in Greece!


Our next stop was to the Milano Duomo. We were a little confused because all of our friends talked about how they had to climb 400+ steps to get to the top of it but it didn’t take us nearly as long. Once we arrived in Florence we realized this had been the one they were talking about, either way this was one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen and the view from above was pretty breath taking even through the rain.


editedIMG_5350       editedIMG_5399editedIMG_5406       editedIMG_5402We saw a bunch of people touching this leg and taking pictures of it, we had no idea why but decided to do the same…


And that was all we could fit into the few hours that we had in Milan.



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